We support your mastering of challenges.

Our Philosophy

New technologies and global networking require a rethinking of our daily work.

Time is not standing still. Day by day we face new developments and challenges for our companies. Artifial Intellignce, Internet of Things (IoT) and new approachces like Block Chains more and more determine our company structures and  strategies. Simultaneously our customers are changing: Baby Boomers are followed by Generation X and Y and with them Digital Natives become the majority.

To master these challenges we are geared to these guidelines:

Entrepreneurial Thinking and Sustainability

Which approaches fit to our company? To which basic changes we have to be prepared for from a strategical perspective? Are we able to incorporate new ideas within our tightened structures or do we have to break new ground? These decisions must withstand economic efficiency calculations. Sometimes we have to rethink and act fast and flexible with small steps, sometimes the outlook to the future is crucial. In addition to this company-internal reponsibility we also consider social responsibility and sustainability as core parts of our work.

Solution-oriented, open Structures

We believe that each employee is able to add his idea benificial for the company. This requires an open business- and discussion culture from senior level down to single staff members. We are facilitators of these organizational structures and include affected departments in decision-making processes accordingly.


Increase in Value

Our objective is always to reach an increase in value for our customers. We therefore decode increase of value also in its classical meaning - the increase of values within a corporation and these can be all sorts of nature.


We demand a great deal of the quality of our work. We reach this with excellent team members, who work out problem solvings for the management team with efficient project management skills.


The Team

Our team includes experts with various skills and focuses for management consulting.

Uwe Zobel

Uwe Zobel

Founder & Management Consultant (Strategies/IT) for Travel Companies
Alexander Carsten

Alexander Carsten

Banker & Graduate Diploma in Business Administration; Management Consultant for Strategies and Potential Assessments
Casimir Graf von Carmer

Casimir Graf von Carmer

Management Consultant for Strategies and Organization – Sectors: Health & Energy

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